Choose the right colors for your kitchen It can embody the style of your whole family It is not a picnic. You may find your children bickering What colors would suit your kitchen perfectly. Why should you stick to one hierarchy If you can combine it to fight the worldly gaze Out of your kitchen and provide positive emotions. In this video, I will show you 10 inspirational kitchen design inspirational Powered by That will make your kitchen look more attractive.

10. Go Eclectic with Bold Cabinets Eclectic style is kind of a trend now. It allows you to express a boundless idea and go wild. But, don’t mistake an eclectic pattern for clutter. Eclectic style isn’t about throwing away a bunch of colors And shapes carelessly, And make this a random look.

Choose one color as the primary color palette From the decor is important. In this kitchen, You can find blue shapes dominating the kitchen As the essence while the green light It gives a splash of color to the kitchen. Both are a painting inspired by nature Decorate your kitchen If you wanna go wilder Without giving your guests their eyes, You can try adding a long rope Hold colorful kitchen utensils on the work surface.


9. DIY fake fruits framed All white kitchen color It can make your kitchen look clean, elegant and healthy.

However, it also sounds boring, too. Try eating colorful decorating fruits We hang out on the fence. This fake fruit looks exactly the same As real Except for the edible portion. It would nicely add tints of color To your kitchen Without exiting inside. Since this is a DIY project, You will need to make it yourself.

You will need Some fake fruits or vegetables of your choice, shadowboxes, and a hot glue gun. First, open the Shadowbox Then put the fruits on a foam backing Let’s see how it looks better.


If you think the arrangement fits your style well, You can start applying some hot glue to the fruits, Then we attach them one by one. Be careful not to place it on the edges You will also find the case difficult to replace. I am done!

You can hang it on your kitchen or dining room To make a new axis.

8. Super cheap touch point Does the vacuum in your kitchen bother you? It’s like you want to do something with it, But you haven’t defined your mind yet Decorate the empty space in your kitchen You don’t have to splurge on fancy accessories. You can even find anything you need Right in your kitchen and storage room.

Let’s get started by getting some pretty cliched boards In your storage room And cut it To form a monogram of E, A, and T Denotes what this room is about.


If you think it’s too simple and you like it To clarify it a little, You can get some areas and paint them however you want And hang them around monograms. Do you want some more? Print a quote on a board And hang it with a giant spoon and fork on the wall. You can also add one or two shutter aprons Hangs on a wall jazz hook.

7. Bring in positive feelings from nature You want to color your kitchen a little But don’t you want to banish the simple gaze from him? You can count on flowers and fruits. Flowers have always been a relaxing way To decorate any room including your kitchen. It can refresh the colors of the beautiful flowers And give positive feedback immediately, Just like what you can see here.

White color makes it look simple yet elegant. But if everything is white, then the kitchen will be nice. Thanks for the greatness of Dolphin And fresh green apples That sits on the kitchen island. They add more nuances to your kitchen.

6. Aquamarine peel and glass stick tile Get bored with your backsplash look And want to give your kitchen a new look? Just peel and stick glass tile installation.

These tiles work like magic. You will not have to remove existing tiles And it’s time-consuming, for sure. All you have to do is just peel the paper back And stick to it on the existing tiles.


Easy isn’t it? And this aquamarine glass tiles are just great When paired with clean and white cabinets. Combine white tiles and cabinets Provide a calming atmosphere in the kitchen.

5. Vintage style and eclectic kitchen You may be surprised by this kitchen Because it is made up of different colors, But the harmony remains there.

The main point is the choice And arrange color schemes neatly. This kitchen includes a red kitchen island With an elegant brown work surface.


To complement the island, Red palette racks and abstract curtains have been added To highlight windows. Blue kettle is also teamed up with blue mugs For kitchen breeding. Not to mention the baby blue lockers Brown stools and chairs That adds a rustic touch to your kitchen.

4. Fresh green idea for a fresh mind Green is synonymous with nature. Which is why this kitchen looks so fresh In green and some yellow spots And a set of pink color elements. Wooden floors and cabinets Also, recall the moment you spent your sunny day In your backyard. By the way, I like buttery water Yellow adds a little bit to this kitchen.

3. Modern colorful farm kitchen Modern farmhouse kitchens tend to be rustic, But this does not mean that you are not allowed To expand your creativity with colors. Once again, whites can make a good canvas For your kitchen because it is neutral.

However, you can go for a vibrant color like red To paint your kitchen island. To balance the look, You can add a more subtle baby-blue dye to the fireplace.

If you think that’s not enough, Invest in colorful tableware and kitchen utensils View in glass door cabinets would be nice. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t even think about it. Use similar shapes for island, floor, and fireplaces Will be better.

2. Personalize your kitchen The idea of ​​adding many colors to your kitchen It is to make it fit your style harmoniously.

So, if you want to be as wild as you want it to be In decorating your kitchen, do it. You are the one who will spend most of your time there Cook some delicious foods anyway, Aren’t you? You don’t have to stick to a certain genre, by the way.


Even blue cabinets can match well With a colorful antique rug.


1. Get creative with your kitchen utensils Coloring your kitchen isn’t always It takes a lot of work. In fact, it can be an enjoyable activity You can do it with your family including your children. They’ll love to paint the wooden spoon It is a win-win solution. You can have the colorful kitchen you want, Your kids will have a lot of fun playing with colors.

That’s all 10 colorful kitchen design inspirations Which you can try at home. I hope you enjoyed it. That’s all for the time being, before you leave, You are welcome to use the comments area If you have anything to say.