you the interior design program now at Kirkwood is graded second in the state of Iowa and so with that grading comes the need to kind of improve our cavities for our both students and to also give them the best facilities that we can’t at a hard time sleeping last light but here we are this morning and I’m really excited for them to come in and receive their brand-new classroom you know when you’ve got people that are motivated and heartfelt about what they’re doing they’ll want to come here anyway but I want them to come and stay and feel pleasant and just like they belong and our value here and they genuinely are I mull the brand-new apartment is great i think it’s going to create a really good learn environment for us to lastly have a space that serves really well for what we need to get done oh my gosh nighttime I think it’ll serve as a huge motivator for a lot of our students and time meet everyone feel more professional and less like a student it’s brighter in there they’ve deepened the decorate pigments a little bit we have more storage which is awesome I can’t wait to be able to fill up some of those closets with some nonsense of mine in intend plainly we want our students to be innovative and we want them to be productive and we want them to be able to collaborate with one another very comfortably I “ve never” felt so supported by administration and staff and other module expressed appreciation for so much for investing in me so that I can invest in my students you