Hey, DIY nation! It’s Jeff with Home RepairTutor. Do your kitchen cabinets need more organisation? Do you have to reach way back to get the jackpots and the pans? Well, if the answer to thatis yes, then this video’s for you because I’m going to install the Rev–AShelf, whichis a really great managerial structure. And instead of reaching into your board to findwhat you want, you’ll be able to pull out all of your components. So stay tuned. This isgoing to be a great video peculiarly if you crave really awesome kitchen formation inyour lockers. So let’s get to it. The first thing that you want to do is measurethe cabinet opening and account for any of the hinges that might be in the way of theRev–AShelf. So in such cases, if I measure from this hinge now to the hinge over tothe claim, I’m getting a distance of about 20 inches.So that meant that the Rev–AShelfhas to be less than 20 inches. The first step is to remove the slips fromthe basket. And in order to do that, you fully extend the slide, then there’s the littletrigger right here. What you do is you press down on that trigger and pull the slither out.You just wanted to do that for both sets of slithers. You need to grab your U-shaped brackets next.There is advisable to two of them. So I introduced those moves on top of the U-shaped brackets. Andyou’re going to attach the slips to the brackets exerting the machine fuckings that come with theRev–AShelf. Position the sliders so that you can see boththe circular and the slotted excavations in it. Start by attaching a fuck through the circularhole right here. Then place the second shafted in the slotted defect. And then you want todo the same thing through the breast component of the bracket.A magnetic shaft holder like this one comes in real handy when you’re using these smallscrews because they can hold the screwing via magnetism.So make sure you have one of theseguys. Now here’s a red-hot tip-off: You’re going to wantto determine the height of the second basket. So there are two provides of flaws on the U-bracket: one hereone set of holes at this stature; and one set of punctures at this altitude. Well, what you need to understand is the depth of your jackpots and goes. So if you have reallydeep toilets or pans like this one, you want to have perhaps the basket set on the lowestset of openings so that when you pull it outwhen you draw out your basketit won’t touched thetop of your kitchen cabinet. So I’m going to organize the slides on this lower set of holesfor that reason. Here’s another tip: Made to ensure that you onlyslightly tighten these bolts on the top slither just enough to keep the slide attached tothe U-bracket. And I’ll explain why later on in the video.So do this for both sidessothe left side and the right side. Now it’s time to add this U-shaped mountingbracket. So this mounting bracket has to slide in between the U-bracketwhich is hereandthe actual slider on the adjacent surface. So in order to form that happen, you have toleave the clamps loose and slip in the bracket like so.With the mounting bracket on the back and all four slips affixed, you can slide thewhole framethe whole Rev–AShelf frameinto your kitchen cabinet.You’ll want to centerthe Rev–AShelf inside the kitchen cabinet just for aesthetic intellects and push it thewhole way to the back because you’re going to be mount it applying the provided screwsto the back of the cabinet. If you’ve got double doorways like this, andyou’ve got hinges on both sides, made to ensure that you hub the Rev–AShelf enclose. Thatway, when you draw out the baskets, the baskets won’t interfereor I should saythe hingeswon’t interfere with the baskets. If you exclusively have one door, you would want to slide theunit over to the opposite side of the hinges. That acces, you can be sure that the basketswon’t interfere with the hinges.Now you can attach the Rev–AShelf to thekitchen cabinet abusing the four -inch fucks that they specify. So you’re going to attacha shaft now, now, and then the same blots in the back…The regulations say to use two -inch fucks to attach the framethe Rev–AShelf frametothe back of the kitchen cabinet. Now we’d traditionally do that but there’s nothingon the other side of this. This kitchen cabinet actually faces the dining room, and I don’tknow how thick that decorative plywood is. So I’m not going to see articulated two fucks on theback of this bracket.But as you can see here, this frame is super secure. It’s not goinganywhere. And if you haven’t already is doing so , now’sthe time to tighten the screws that support the bracketthe back substantiate bracketto theU-shaped bracket. And then, very carefully, you can reengagethe baskets into the slides like so. And for those of you that are clumsy like me, justmake sure that the open discontinue of the bracket is the side that you’re trying to put intothe slides.All right. Check this out. Now you can reachyour pans and washes readily, right? So pretty cool system! If you need some kitchen organizationkitchen cabinet organizationcheck out the Rev–AShelf.I think it’d be a really great product for you.So I hope that you liked this video. Go over to HomeRepairTutor.com. Make sure you checkout my website, and sign up for the email newsletter because you’re going to get a tonof enormous gratuities every single week. I predict you that.So until the next video, have a great day. And I’ll talk to you soon ..