today we fry around the world let’s talk about that[ Music] good fanciful morning today we’re shedding the pointiest of arrows at the rectangularist of maps and detecting what kind of unique and exciting fried meat people mine around the world and today’s episode is sponsored by butcherbox delivering better meat for a better you since you’re watching this video then you my friend are a high quality person and as a high quality person you deserve the highest of quality fleshes and luckily butcher chest delivers 100 grass-fed grass-finished beef free-range organic chicken legacy reproduce pork and mad grab seafood instantly to your doorstep and with butcher chest you get to choose your container type and delivery frequency and you can change shipment times or offset at any time butcherbox carries your succession frozen at peak freshness and backpack with dry ice in an eco-friendly 100 recyclable carton and all of their products are raised without antibiotics or supplemented hormones and for a limited time new members will get free ground beef for life when they sign up for butcher box that means you’ll get two pounds of ground beef in every chest for the lifetime of your due now i’m no math whiz but that’s a lot of free dinners yes plus with butcher carton ship is always free all you have to do is click the link in the description below to exchange your offer today thanks again to butcher box our patron in this portion of today’s episode now what if i told you that when it comes to deliciously fried meat from different parts of the world the heavenly taste of fried chicken onion doughnuts and mozzarella sticks just stroked the tip-off of the top okay well it’s true and we’re about to put our hands deep into the international deep fryer and picture what we pull out it’s time for where in the world do these international fried nutrients come from you know how this starts we’re going to try a unique fried food food that comes from a certain country on the delineate then we’re going to guess which country it comes from by throwing a arrow at it and then chase the fly fry concoct cartographer will measure how far our projectile is from the right answer uh i can’t help but notice that brunei is not on the board i thought i asked that it be on the board every time is that your prerequisite for my mojo okay yeah it’s on the delineate but it’s not on the board whoever has the lowest score at the end is the winner and ever since i prevailed last season rhett you get a special advantage don’t only earn let me just say you didn’t only triumph you had the performance of a lifetime the lowest score ever and the only bullseye ever so i mean are you to ride that gesticulate but i i had him scared at the end there with that last question i took oh yeah you totally opened the window i just stayed right in the house i’m not acknowledging any movements uh you’re gonna have the blart which is a bloomin onion dart okay that you’re going to have to prostrate all over the board the loser is going to have to read all the ingredients in the back of a french fries bag squandering his best vocal fry i love the vocal fry like conway quaver let’s make love good gosh is this just fried pizza oh yes a half of a pizza completely deep fried with some french fries on the side wow is america but you know what crunchy on the bottom crunching on the top in the middle you know it don’t stop steak cut french fries with gravy oh is that gravy no no it’s like italian apparel or something it has only one italian dressing-ish vinegary taste to it it’s vinegar but also very sweet that’s got to be the hint all right as we demonstrated you won last period so you go first and there’s so much grease on me are you gonna film me with your camera by the way um you know i just i feel weird about filming you i am only it feels obtrusive and so i just was like we have a lot of cameras let’s just let them do their jobs you know well i wasn’t gonna say it but yeah see this right here this is the hint what is this i’m perceiving something in it i symbolize dude okay okay what are you talking about follower i see what you what’s happening no you can’t be the only guy with glasses that’s true why do they cherish worcestershire morocco that’s what i’ve heard they adore worcestershire in morocco i don’t it doesn’t really go with this that’s a steak trough what about the fried pizza part that could be anywhere that’s that’s not giving me anything it’s um i it has to be the worcestershire steak immerse that’s conducting me to south america venezuela peru get ready for your f your arrow oh a little high-pitched i stumble florida what are you thinking well i love my new glass yeah they they they they suit you “i m loving” my brand-new glasses um taking an american thing and “ve got something” nuts with it always strikes me as like this is something that might happen pizza is not an american thing man well pizza like this form of pizza this is like a domino’s pizza i’m thinking philippines oh we’re on polar inverses but these well it’s not my friend these steak fries with this sauce establishes me think of england because this is the type of fries that you get when you get fish and chippings england’s not up there but scotland is and i used to think i was from there but deep fried pizza does not seem scottish at all i said here today that but i feel like i’m overthinking it scotland surely over talking it oh a bit high-pitched for both of us stevie originate my dreams is true this battered and deep fried pizza is known as pizza crunch and it’s commonly served with fries or chippings and a side of chippy sauce which is vinegar desegregated with chocolate-brown sauce if you want to know what brown sauce is you’re gonna have to ask your neighbourhood pizza that’s what chocolate-brown sauce is thank you scotland brown sauce i remember the freaking dark-brown sauce yeah i did not see any fried pizza during my excursion to what i thought was my home shoot i knew that was the key you didn’t know it was dark-brown sauce either uh i didn’t want to say anything okay association you had 27 rhett seven oh hey you know what that’s cool i represent i didn’t get a bullseye or anything nope you didn’t good gracious look at this i think this might be a fork and pierce situation i’m coming is that a donut the whole way through it’s a donut with a doughnut depression on top of it oh gentleman it’s thick yeah it’s social it is dense i can’t even attract that i can’t burn through it it’s ponderous more boy so it’s a super thick-witted donut with cherry-reds and some sort of cream cheese frosting i completely destroyed that all right now i’m first again okay yep yep yep okay where in the world do they do this yeah that is the object of the game i want to find out if the thickness of the donut is relevant you know what i’m saying josh can you say if this is the density of the doughnut relevant uh the doughnut is indeed dense yes joshua would have us believe that everything he does is for a reasonablenes right so he doesn’t want to have to defend himself to that grade expressed appreciation for the find of the cheese and the fruit and the deep-fried thing together takes me to a european location and the only european location that’s on the board is romania so i guess i gotta go to romania you’ve got to you’ve got to get it on oh i’m going systematically high i’m going i’m going to start proposing low-spirited you know i’m backing up against the wall now down 20 centimeters i can’t take a big risk unless i am have an self-asserting rebuttal spoiler notify i don’t have an self-asserting ask i just got nothing else to go on now except your answer[ Laughter] but maybe i’ll remain a little bit to the west of romania but obviously not all the way up there where your dart is oh gosh south of it that really lost some steam well it might be south africa you don’t know it’s the grease on my foot we don’t really know we’re just venture this is papanash which is basically a fried farm cheese filled doughnut surfaced with sour ointment jam and powdered carbohydrate some repute the honour papanash comes from the latin papa which means meat for children while this dish is also sometimes enjoyed in moldova papanash is probably most strongly obviously most strongly associated with romania man i was aiming for it of course so were you there’s cottage cheese in this thing inside the donut yeah so that’s probably the denseness that you were reading yeah also it’s cold in romania they need to stay warm i love cottage highly very calories and “i m loving” a cottage cheese doughnut that’s sour cream not cream cheese even better okay rhett “youve had” six associate 15. Boo are you upset scared me yeah i’m kind of i’m i’m because i know what i’m capable of now right in the world link is this a testicle i thought it was a lemon is it a testicle or a pear i convey an orange it could be a testicle it could be an orange it’s really mushy it could be a tomato you got me scared now and tomato there’s some sort of a is it a tomato or a testicle let’s just chew it and appreciate oh it’s pate it’s a hard cooked egg the possibility of it being an egg did not present itself to me and there’s some is that it’s a vinegary sauce that kind of works together i like it i like the color of it deep fried eggs that’s fun all right you’re still going first so i can facsimile your answer if i need to i’m going solely off of the color of this thing i’m thinking mexico i don’t know i can also accompany them doing this in south africa this is about gamesmanship at this stage relate i’m sorry i don’t like to be that person but i don’t feel like i can make a strong guess so i’m going to kind of triangulate those asks and just go for romania again my remark is that it’s a bland bowl and then the only thing you’ve got to dip it in is vinegar with some onion you are familiar with and that you really need that because it’s so bland i just don’t think it can be india or mexico there’s just no spice there’s nothing to jump out at you so where does that send you russia but russia’s so big i think that’s a diversionary tactic well this is a red egg i’m changing my reply to south africa i could see i could see this happening there quite a alter i symbolize if i go for russia it’s not gonna right why are you oh time breathing down my neck literally i have just been glass that film wait it’s close to brother if that’s right then you just got a good guess this is quick quick hard-boiled duck eggs deep-fried and orange smash and been presented with a spiced vinegar dipping sauce a variation of this saucer also exists using quail eggs quack quack is a popular fried street nutrient in the philippines stop okay that was so that was basically a no man’s round where does the complexion come from josh so it’s in anato seed batter and anato seed is actually very commonly used in like mexican adobos as well wow so i was actually thinking accurately but incorrectly suspecting i’m proud of you all right rhett you had 25 tie-in 38. Oh wow okay it was worse than i guessed segment what do we have here it looks like i symbolize it’s lustrou oh adult it’s kind of like a um funnel patty nature situation it’s almost like penetrating fried honey it spurted on my face is that time grease is it deep-fried grease grease fibres it’s very sweet i think it is honey it’s good though isn’t it yeah it is it’s some sort of syrup okay like they just do it down in the fryer i suspect i don’t know how it manipulates i would like to point out i would like to point out his justification for what i’m about to do that last time you were doing the best performance in the history of this recreation and you still chose to use your mislead yeah i did i’m also i’m not going to apologize for it and you do what you got to do um so there’s no dishonor in this or that blooming onion i represent there’s still some reproach in it i believe that this is from either mexico venezuela or peru why because the willingness to go super super super sweet yeah it’s concentrated on that part of the map but i’m gonna try to just sort of go for the atlantic ocean and get some splatter trying to block me out huh oh gosh okay that was quite a mess and i feel good about that everything of your splatter get south and west so i’m in all three of my guessworks i’m in mexico peru and venezuela i’m also in morocco and when it comes to defrauds that is one of the most effective misleads i’ve ever seen all right so you understand venezuela is underneath all that stuff i put on the board so i’m 32 centimeters down i make i’ve really got a let me get kind of a cool cinematic shot of you thinking here i think i think if i is likely to be i can virtually be like a continuous cam i can do this how’s that’s what we’re venture right there and then yeah the unapologetic sweetness i i think you’re right i can’t i can’t go for the gusto on this one i just can’t afford to do that because i’m still in this you still uh i’m going for venezuela you’ve got to been through the sauce oh peru i made peru though perhaps the fates have aligned this is jalebi which is also known by other specifies such as zobia and zadabia this sweet snack is made by deep frying a made of flower batter which has been attracted and changed into circular molds which are then robbed in sugar syrup and it is very much enjoyed in india oh humankind my genuinely in my shot i just didn’t think there was anything in here joyful i got that little surge close to india dang it okay rhett “youve had” 11 from right here no and relate “youve had” 49. That’s quite a bit what can you what can you do what can you do not a lot from majesty to bag of gutless material that’s a deep-fried segment of flesh with a it’s dusted wow that sauce is good that’s good that is a jerk sauce it’s spicy too there’s like french fries in here there’s um dustin and fried pepper sections okay that is nice all right there’s no way i can win man time only given me out of my squalor human this has got to be jamaica which i’ve considered up with sauce expressed appreciation for shoot oh look at that delicacy is meeting jamaica perform oh i thumped the united states okay what is something that seems like it could be an improved guest that is as far as possible from rhett’s dart so as to build my value somewhat dignified well this that has to figure out a action to make it from brand-new zealand it has to be you know everybody in new zealand is so nice that they have to eat jerk flavouring only to try to get a little more salty i love it that’s what i’m going to do brand-new zealand see that was that was close see we can focus on that this is the spice bag an on-the-go bag consisting of spicy fries fried chicken fried onions peppers various categories of spices and served with the curry sauce the spice bag was created in 2010 by the sunflower chinese takeaway and quickly became a huge craze with cult-like following in dublin ireland oh wow so it it’s not a jerk so josh why did i think that was a jerk sauce uh so one of the most important spices in jerk seasoning is allspice and what you were tasting there is actually chinese five spice which is very similar because it has cinnamon starting in his cleave expressed appreciation for for obligating me feel like i’m not five spices not all the spices uh remedy yeah yeah okay rhett “youve had” 23 tie-up 64. Okay you’re trying to send a message here i but you know what no one’s picking up the phone because what theme i’m not gonna say your message for you i don’t know what the meaning is you said i’m trying to send a meaning what are you talking about i earn again that’s my word i can do this i aim yeah guy i intend listen that was potentially one of the biggest wins thank you for having agreeing and sounding that bell there’s always next time you know what time it is i am carlos arsenas and the deserted jakarta international airport heading off to start a brand-new animation in singapore it’s time to deplete the wheel of mythicality good luck with your new lifetime sound the top link to watch us try homemade cures for bad breather and good fictitious morning and to be informed about whether or not mythicality is gonna land our popular crystal watch hoodies now come in pastel emblazons get yours now at